Free CogAT Test Sample Questions for Kindergarten 

Gifted Practice Questions for Kindergarten

Practicing CogAT questions is a significant part of preparing for the Gifted & Talented test. However, not many children and parents are aware of how to use CogAT practice questions to make their learning more efficient and effective. These gifted practice questions for kindergarten can help your children become familiar with the questions, which can result in an improved score.

In this article, we provide you with ten free CogAT practice sample questions from Kindergarten, comprising all three batteries: verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative. Help your child solve these questions before the gifted exam to enhance his/her time management and accuracy skills.

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CogAT Test Prep Kindergarten Practice Question
Q 1.
Cogat Test Prep Kindergarten Practice Question
Q 2.
CogAT Kindergarten Verbal Battery Sentence Completion Practice Question
Q 3.
Quantitative Battery Number Analogies CogAT Practice Question
Q 4.
Kindergarten CogAT Practice Questions for Number Puzzles
Q 5.
Sample Number Series Practice Test Kindergarten Quantitative Ability
Q 6.
CogAT Test Quantitative Ability Number Series Practice Question
Q 7.
Paper Folding Cogat Test Prep Kindergarten Practice Question
Q 8.
Figure Matrices Cogat Test Prep Kindergarten Practice Question
Q 9.
Non Verbal Figure Classification CogAT Practice Question
Q 10.
Grade 1 Gifted test questions

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Review the answers carefully as your child solves these gifted and talented test practice questions. Identify the weak points where your child is still making mistakes. Subscribe to the Gifted CogAT test prep app to practice as many questions as possible. Review and rectify the pain areas so that your child can score the maximum marks in the Gifted test for kindergarten.