Free CogAT Test Sample Questions for Grade 1

Gifted Practice Questions for Grade 1

Appearing in a test like CogAT can be stressful for your child, and it can take more toll if there is not enough time for preparation. To prepare for the gifted and talented screening program test for Grade 1, your child needs to practice sample CogAT Questions. The cognitive abilities test for Grade 1 has three batteries- Verbal, Non-verbal, and Quantitative and your child should be skillful in each of them to succeed.

The Gifted CogAT test prep app is providing you with ten free CogAT sample questions for Grade 1. You can make your child practice them to analyze how well-prepared your child is. Evaluate his/her strengths and weaknesses to determine which batteries need more practice for the gifted assessment.

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1st Grade Non Verbal Figure Classification CogAT Practice Question
Q 1.
Figure Matrices Cogat Test Prep Grade 1 Practice Question
Q 2.
Paper Folding Cogat Test Prep Grade 1 Practice Question
Q 3.
CogAT Test Prep Paper Folding Practice Question
Q 4.
CogAT Number Analogies Sample Questions
Q 5.
Free CogAT Number Puzzles 1st Grade Worksheets
Q 6.
1st Grade CogAT Test Questions for Number Puzzles
Q 7.
CogAT Test Prep Grade 1 Practice Question
Q 8.
CogAT Grade 1 Verbal Battery Picture Classification Practice Question
Q 9.
Picture Classification Practice Test for CogAT
Q 10.
CogAT Test Practice Questions

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You can create unlimited customized CogAT practice tests on the Gifted app over and over again. It has more than 5500 CogAT questions for grade 1. Go through the test answers and help your child understand the explanations of the answers where he/she has made mistakes. Explain the thinking process behind these CogAT questions and how your child should apply the logic to similar questions. You can subscribe to the Gifted Cogat Test prep app with one of the largest collections of CogAT practice questions. Improve your child’s analytical skills to prepare him/her for the Gifted test.