Free CogAT Test Sample Questions for Grade 2

CogAT important questions for Garde 2

Is your child Gifted? Are you planning to help your child take the Gifted Test for Grade 2? Then start by practicing some questions for the Gifted Screening test. Your CogAT test preparation is incomplete without practicing the questions of the test that your child is studying for. For getting the best out of the preparation in the Gifted & Talented test, solving CogAT sample questions can significantly improve your child’s score.

In this article, we are providing you with ten free CogAT sample questions for Grade 2, comprising all three batteries: verbal, non-verbal, and quantitative. Solving these Gifted sample questions for 2nd Grade can help your child get a better perspective on what kind of questions will appear in the test.

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Picture analogy Grade 2 CogAT test
Q 1.
Cogat Practice Test Grade 2
Q 2.
Cogat Verbal Grade 2 Worksheets
Q 3.
CogAT Quantitative Battery Number Analogies Practice Question
Q 4.
Sample Practice Questions Grade 2 Quantitative
Q 5.
Q 6.
Figure Matrices Cogat Test Prep Grade 2 Practice Question
Q 7.
CogAT Non Verbal Battery Figure Matrices Practice Question
Q 8.
Paper Folding Cogat Test Prep Grade 2 Practice Question
Q 9.
Figure Classification Cogat Test Prep Grade 2 Practice Question
Q 10.
Gifted & talented sample questions

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Now, as your child has solved the CogAT sample questions for Grade 2, introspect your child’s weaker areas. Read the answers and explanations on the Gifted app carefully to know the best method to solve these Gifted questions. There are 5500+ questions for kindergarten to grade 5 on our platform. Your child can benefit a lot by solving these CogAT test questions. For more such CogAT practice tests for Grade 2, you can subscribe to the Gifted CogAT Test Prep App and make your child CogAT-ready.