Free CogAT Practice Test For Grade 1

CogAT Grade 1 Practice Test

Hey, is your child gifted? Are you looking for free practice question papers to prepare for CogAT Grade 1? Then, you have come to the right place!

With more than 5500 free CogAT questions, the Gifted CogAT test prep app is the best learning resource for all those who are preparing for the Gifted and Talented program. The CogAT Gifted screening test for Grade 1 is challenging, so an average child will be unfamiliar with the type of questions asked. Let your child practice these CogAT questions so that she or he can become familiar with what to expect on the day of the exam.

It is important that your child solves as many questions before the CogAT testing day to develop time-management and accuracy skills. We have provided 10 free CogAT practice sample questions from Grade 1 below, comprising all three batteries: Verbal, Non-verbal, and Quantitative. Make your child solve this test to help him/her raise the CogAT score.

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CogAT Test Prep Grade 1 Practice Test
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CogAT Practice Test Grade 1
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Grade 1 CogAT prep

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Practice as many questions from the Gifted CogAT test prep app to track your child’s progress. Evaluate his/her weaknesses and support your child by teaching strategies so that he/she could perform optimally. Take more such free practice sample tests from three batteries and nine test categories to get your child CogAT ready.