Free CogAT Practice Test For Kindergarten

Kindergarten CogAT Practice Test

The Gifted CogAT test prep app prepares students for the Gifted and Talented screening test. Our massive CogAT question bank offers practice tests from all three batteries- Verbal, Non-verbal, and Quantitative. Let your child practice questions from our gifted and talented test prep app to understand the CogAT format, style, and variations in the questions asked.

Use our CogAT practice test prep app to effectively prepare your child for the gifted testing of Kindergarten-Grade 5. This post has 10 free practice sample questions from CogAT Kindergarten comprising of all three batteries. As your child solve the test, analyze the performance to understand his/her strengths and weaknesses. Practice more tests for improved performance.

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Practice over 5500 CogAT questions to prepare your child for the Gifted & Talented program, and make him/her familiar with the different types of questions. With the help of this CogAT kindergarten practice test, your child can polish his/her cognitive skills and gain confidence before the exam day. Solve more such CogAT practice tests from three batteries and nine test categories from the Gifted App to improve your child’s chances of success.