CogAT Sample Questions for Grade 4 – Picture Analogies

CogAT practice test for grade 4 - picture analogies

Embarking on the journey to success, parents of 4th graders seek effective tools to guide the challenges their child faces in the gifted exam. Recognizing the importance of cognitive development, many of them turn to CogAT preparation apps for assistance.

Gifted Test Prep App is one such platform that is designed to address the unique hurdles encountered by your 4th grader. This app offers a comprehensive range of 5500+ practice questions from kindergarten to grade 5. It covers a broad range of MCQs from all three batteries – verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. The supportive and engaging environment interface of the platform supports the kid to practice and learn at his/her own pace.

In this blog, we will cover the picture analogies subset of verbal battery. Here your precious will be asked to find connections between words and concepts. By thinking carefully and recognizing similarities, he/she can improve his/her verbal reasoning skills and expand the vocabulary. This section even helps your junior to think critically and express his/her ideas well. To understand the picture analogies better, we’ve shared 10 questions from this section.

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CogAT verbal sample questions for Grade 4
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CogAT Practice Questions for Grade 4
CogAT verbal sample questions
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 CogAT verbal sample questions
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The different batteries and sections are carefully crafted to enhance your child’s mental abilities. By engaging with a variety of questions on the platform, your 4th grader’s brain will become attuned to the multiple-choice format and develop the necessary skills to get into the gifted and talented program. This process of actively problem-solving and seeking solutions will not only benefit during the CogAT test but will also equip him/her with the confidence and resilience to tackle challenges in all aspects of life.