CogAT Practice Questions for Grade 3 – Figure Classification

CogAT practice questions for grade 3

We know that as parents, you yearn to see your little one’s potential reach full bloom. That’s why many caregivers like you are eager to make their child a part of a gifted and talented program as it paves the way for an exceptional learning experience. The nurturers leave no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure that their precious performs well in the CogAT. They understand the importance of this assessment in identifying their school goer’s cognitive strengths and areas for improvement.

The gifted test evaluates students across three batteries, each revealing a distinct aspect of their intellectual capabilities.

  • Verbal battery: Assesses a child’s language and verbal reasoning skills.
  • Quantitative battery: Explores mathematical aptitude and numerical reasoning.
  • Nonverbal battery: Evaluates abstract reasoning and problem-solving without relying on language.

In this blog, we’ll delve into a subset of CogAT’s nonverbal battery-figure classification. In this section, third graders are presented with a series of shapes, designs, or figures and are tasked with recognizing patterns and similarities among them. By studying visual cues and making connections, children develop their spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills. This further encourages creativity and problem-solving as kids think outside the box to identify relationships between the figures.

To understand the section better, check the gifted practice test for grade 3 by clicking here.

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While your young learner is understanding and appearing in the CogAT practice test for grade 3, you can assess his/her performance and identify areas that need attention. Reviewing answers and explanations on the Gifted App will provide valuable insights on tackling the questions effectively. By subscribing to the Gifted CogAT Test Prep App, your 3rd grader gains access to over 5500 questions from kindergarten to grade 5.

This serves as a valuable asset to boost his/her skills and ensure full preparedness for the gifted exam. To enhance performance in the figure classification area, make your little master do regular practice and engage in shape-related puzzles and games. This will foster a supportive learning environment to empower your child to excel in this cognitive domain.