CogAT Practice Test for Grade 3 – Number Series

cogat grade 3

Have you ever wondered why parents place such immense value on their child’s performance in the cognitive abilities test (CogAT)? The answer lies in the invaluable insights it offers into a child’s intellectual abilities and potential for academic success. A high score on the gifted test is often perceived as a ticket to prestigious educational opportunities, scholarships, and even future success. As a result, parents are motivated to encourage and support their junior’s performance in the CogAT, hoping to secure a bright and prosperous future for their little one.  

The gifted test is divided into three batteries – verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal.

CogAT’s quantitative battery assesses a child’s numerical reasoning, pattern recognition, and number relationship skills. The battery’s three subsets – number analogies, number puzzles, and number series present various questions to test your schoolgoer’s numerical abilities.   

In this blog, we specifically talk about the number series area. Here, your third grader is presented with a series of numbers, requiring him/her to discern the underlying pattern or rule governing the sequence. By engaging with number series questions, your little master develops crucial critical thinking abilities, logical reasoning skills, and pattern recognition capabilities. This early exposure to challenging numerical sequences not only strengthens his/her mathematical aptitude but also cultivates problem-solving skills that can be applied across various subjects and real-world scenarios. 

For more CogAT sample questions for Grade 3 from the number series, click here  

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The Gifted CogAT Test Prep App is an essential educational tool for your students, offering a comprehensive range of over 5500 practice questions for students from kindergarten to grade 5. The platform allows your child to assess his/her performance and progress by solving questions from all three batteries and their nine sections. By utilizing all the features of this platform thoroughly, you can empower your minor to enhance his/her skills in specific areas and get valuable insights into the areas for improvement. This ensures that your kiddo is well-prepared for the CogAT and maximizes his/her potential for success.