10 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a CogAT Preparation App

why child needs CogAT preparation app

Tests and assessments are an integral aspect of a student’s academic journey, providing valuable insights into their skills and capabilities. Among the various tests, the cognitive abilities test (CogAT), stands out and focuses on evaluating schoolgoers’ reasoning abilities and critical thinking skills. The exam focuses on the cognitive abilities of the juvenile, providing valuable insights into students’ intellectual potential and helping identify areas where they excel, paving the way for their future growth and development.

Many parents want their precious to get into a gifted program. And the need to give the kid the best has given rise to many CogAT preparation platforms. These platforms offer a convenient and effective solution for caregivers seeking to prepare their children for the gifted and talented program. If you’re still contemplating enrolling your little one into the online preparation app. In this blog, we share 10 reasons why it is a good idea so you can decide for yourself.

  1. Targeted skill development: CogAT preparation platforms and apps are designed to target specific cognitive abilities assessed in the test, such as verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal batteries. These platforms provide tailored exercises and interactive activities to enhance your child’s skills in each area.

2. Adaptive learning: Many CogAT test prep platforms let you adjust the difficulty level of questions based on your kiddo’s performance, ensuring that he/she is constantly challenged and engaged. Adaptive understanding optimizes the learning experience and maximizes skill development.

3. Self-paced learning: Each child learns at his/her own pace, and the CogAT prep platforms and apps allow for individualized learning experiences. Your youngster can work through and practice the app’s content at his/her own speed, ensuring a solid grasp of each concept before moving on to the next.

4. Interactive test simulations: The online CogAT prep platforms often include engaging test simulations that mimic the actual testing environment. By practicing with realistic exam scenarios, your junior becomes more comfortable with the testing process, including time constraints and the pressure of answering questions accurately.

Encourage your kiddo to enable the “stimulate test” option on the Gifted Test Prep App’s workout section. You can set a specific number of questions and time for younger kids but if your child is in 3rd grade and above, motivate them to use this filter regularly while practicing questions. He/She can practice these questions on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

free cogat practice
Create unlimited tests with Gifted Test Prep App

5. Parental involvement and support: Every parent likes to know about their minor’s progress. Keeping this in mind, many gifted exam preparation apps have features that allow parents to track their loved one’s progress and provide additional support. This involvement allows for open communication and encouragement and re-work the practice strategy if needed.

6. Enhancing critical thinking skills: CogAT exam preparation apps and platforms focus on developing critical thinking skills, which are essential for success in various academic areas. By engaging with challenging questions, practice tests, and problem-solving activities, your child hones his/her ability to analyze information, draw logical conclusions, and think creatively.

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Screening tests on Gifted App to build confidence and encourage critical thinking

7. Bridge academic gaps: If your kid is struggling in certain cognitive areas. These preparation apps can help bridge those gaps. By targeting specific weaknesses, these platforms provide focused practice and reinforcement, allowing your child to catch up and build a strong foundation for future learning.

8. Transferable skills: The mind capabilities assessed by the gifted tests are not limited to only the assessment. Skills like problem-solving and logic abilities have practical applications in various academic subjects and real-life situations, contributing to your youngster’s overall intellectual growth.

9. Exposure to diverse question formats: Wide range of questions are asked from the three batteries and their individual sections during the gifted exam. It is good practice to make your kid practice MCQs regularly from the workout section on the Gifted App. Familiarity with these questions will help your schoolgoer to develop test-taking strategies for approaching each problem effectively.

Attempting more questions assists children to learn how to analyze questions, eliminate answer choices, make educated guesses, and manage their time efficiently, all of which contribute to improved performance on the test. Along with regular preparation, make sure to clear off all the revision buckets daily a part of your genius’s routine to re-attempt the questions that he/she got wrong while practicing. This will greatly help to improve accuracy, speed, and timing.

CogAT revision
Re-attempt the questions that you got wrong while practicing

10. Long-term academic benefits: The skills and knowledge acquired through CogAT exam prep platforms have long-term benefits for children. The cognitive powers developed during the preparation process contribute to improved academic performance in various subjects, setting the stage for future success throughout your child’s educational journey.

Why choose Gifted App?

The Gifted CogAT Test Prep App is an indispensable tool for your child’s gifted exam preparation and can significantly boost his/her chances of scoring well on the test. Make your child prepare with a huge Q-bank of 5500+ CogAT questions covering all three gifted test batteries: verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal for children from kindergarten to grade 5.

This online platform provides practice questions that align with the test format, allowing your little one to become familiar with the types of questions he/she will encounter during the real assessment. Solving the questions from all the sections will build a solid foundation and aid your kid with the knowledge and confidence to ace the exam. So, without delay, subscribe to Gifted CogAT Test Prep App and unlock the success pathway for your child’s academic future.