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cogat sample questions for grade 5

Are you a parent of a curious and bright 5th grader? Are you wondering how to help your child prepare for the cognitive abilities test or CogAT? Well, look no further, as in this blog, we will discuss the details of CogAT and also share a glimpse of the questions that your kiddo can expect in the gifted test.

The CogAT assessment is a multiple-choice test and examines students’ cognitive skills. And exposing your child to the test format and the types of questions he/she will face on the final assessment day is the best way to make him/her exam ready. Gifted Test Prep has a wide collection of 5th-grade CogAT practice questions so that your child doesn’t get any surprises during the exam.

CogAT consists of three batteries: verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. The batteries are administered to gauge the level and pattern of cognitive development of a student in comparison to peers of the same age and grade.

Let’s talk about each battery and its sections in detail –

Verbal Battery

The verbal battery has three sections – practice analogies, sentence completion, and picture classification. This battery will evaluate your child’s vocabulary, efficiency, and verbal memory, as well as his/her ability to determine word relationships and comprehend ideas.

Quantitative Battery

The three areas of the quantitative battery are number analogies, number puzzles, and number series. The quantitative battery measures your 5th grader’s quantitative reasoning and problem-solving abilities along with his/her abstract reasoning abilities.

Nonverbal Battery

The three components of a nonverbal battery are figure matrices, paper folding, and figure classification. The questions of this battery are intended to assess your kid’s problem-solving and reasoning abilities using visual and spatial questions. Your child may find them a bit different as he/she must rely on geometric shapes and figures rather than words. It may also seem unfamiliar as many of the questions are not formally taught in the classroom.

Below, we have shared a few sample practice questions from grade 5 for your reference.

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CogAT 5th grade test is not a piece of cake, and your child might feel overwhelmed. Encourage him/her not to quit as with practice, solving questions within the stipulated time will become easy. Gifted acts as a best friend in this journey and has over 5500+ questions so that your kid can have as much practice as he/she wants.

Remember, not to rush, start preparation way ahead of time, prepare strategically and your kid will surely crack the gifted test with a good score. All the best!