Free Gifted Test Nonverbal Practice Questions for Grade 1

Gifted test nonverbal practice questions for Grade 1

Is your kid gifted? Does he or she have natural skills that are far above normal in comparison to other children? If so, you must be considering enrolling him or her in the gifted and talented program. The curriculum encourages youngsters to think critically by testing their own creativity and encouraging them to come up with unique ideas.

Your child can get ready for the CogAT with the help of free gifted practice tests available on our platform for all three batteries of CogATverbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. In this blog, we will talk about the nonverbal battery from grade 1.

The nonverbal battery has three sections – figure matrices, paper folding, and figure classification. Let’s look at each one of them in detail.

Figure matrices is the first section in this battery. Questions in this section have 2 x 2 matrices with two shapes in the top row, one shape in the bottom row, and the last box vacant. In order to complete the pattern by filling in the bottom empty square, your child must first determine how the images in the top row fit together.

Quick tip to solve these questions: When answering these questions, it’s crucial to look for a pattern in the top row. When you have identified the pattern, check at the bottom row of response options and select the one that most closely matches the pattern.

The next section is paper folding. The CogAT’s paper-folding questions are the most unusual ones. You will see a folded sheet of paper in these questions. The paper will then be cut into various shapes. You must determine how the paper will appear when it is unfolded.

Quick tip to solve these questions: The number of shapes will double for each unfolding of the paper. If the paper is folded once and one shape is cut out, when it is unfolded, there will be two shapes. If it is folded once and two shapes are cut out, there will be four shapes when it is unfolded.

The last section of the nonverbal battery is figure classification. Your child will see three figures when answering questions from this section. H/she must determine how they complement one another before selecting the figure from the available options.

Quick tip to solve these questions: Before responding to the question, try thinking out how the three figures fit together. If you can’t instantly identify the right response, it is best to try to identify the pattern before looking at the answer options because they could confuse you. Once you’ve identified a pattern, check the possible answers to see if anything there matches.

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Give your first grader the opportunity to discover and develop his/her own ability. More than 5500 CogAT sample questions are available in the Gifted app. The app can help you identify your child’s talents and areas for improvement. Concentrate on the areas of weaknesses to raise the score. The practice questions will encourage your child to take on more abstract challenges which will help build his/her confidence and also be beneficial in the future.

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