Free CogAT Verbal Sample Questions for Grade 3

CogAT verbal sample questions for grade 3

Are you looking for more information about the CogAT exam and how it can benefit your child? Look no further! The Gifted CogAT Test Prep App is here to provide an enriching learning experience that will enhance your child’s cognitive thinking and reasoning skills. With 5500+ questions available, your child can strengthen his/her test-taking muscle on all three batteries – nonverbal, verbal, and quantitative.

Within the Gifted app, you’ll find dedicated sections for all these three batteries. In this article, we will dive down into the verbal battery for grade 3. We also present you with an exclusive glimpse of verbal sample questions for your understanding.

Similar to the other two batteries, the verbal battery too has three areas – picture analogies, sentence completion, and picture classification.

Picture Analogies

This section puts your child’s cognitive abilities to the test by presenting him/her with a 2×2 matrix comprising three pictures and one empty cell. The task is to carefully analyze the top row and determine the relationship between the two pictures. The real challenge lies in applying this relationship to the bottom row, ensuring that all of them maintain a similar connection.

A helpful tip – ask your third grader to avoid looking at the answer choices right away. Instead, focus the attention on deciphering the connection between the first pair of items independently.

Sentence Completion

The questions from this section follow the familiar format of fill-in-the-blanks. Your child will encounter sentences with one or two missing words, and he/she has to select the appropriate word(s) from the provided answer choices to complete the sentence.

To tackle these MCQs effectively, it’s essential to keep an eye out for linking words like “and,” “but,” “although,” and “however.” These connectors often bridge two parts of a longer sentence, offering valuable clues about the missing word. Remembering this tip will help your junior approach “Sentence Completion” questions with confidence and accuracy.

Picture Classification

In the final section of the verbal battery, your child will encounter a unique set of questions involving three pictures. The task is to unravel the connection between these images and select another picture from the answer choices that share the same connection.

Here’s an important tip to keep in mind: Once your kid has identified the common thread among the three words, assure that the right word is chosen that fits with them rather than merely describing them. Let’s take an example to illustrate this.

Suppose the three words are apple, orange, and banana. Selecting the word “fruit” as the answer would be incorrect since it describes the three original words but does not truly go together with them. The correct answer would be another fruit, such as a pear or mango. Remember this valuable insight when you’re helping your child tackle these engaging questions.

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And that’s a wrap, folks! We sincerely hope that this blog has provided you with valuable insights to assist in preparing your amazing 3rd grader for the verbal battery. Just remember, practice lets you make progress! Encourage your child to keep flexing those intellectual muscles with the Gifted Test Prep App.

Even if he/she faces initial challenges and frustrations, remind him/her that every attempt is a stepping stone towards improvement. With time, dedication, and unwavering support, your resilient grade 3 champion will conquer those questions with growing confidence and success. So, keep nurturing their spirit and watch as they shine brightly in the CogAT exam!