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cogat nonverbal questions for grade 3

Are you ready to help your little geniuses prepare for the cognitive abilities test (CogAT)? We all know that nonverbal questions can be a bit difficult, but fear not! To excel on this test, all your kid needs is your support and ample practice which can be done through the Gifted CogAT test prep app.

The CogAT test consists of three batteries – verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. In this blog, we’re going to explore some CogAT non verbal practice questions that not only your 3rd graders will find helpful but would love to solve. So, let’s put on our thinking caps and get ready to be the ultimate study buddies for our awesome kiddos!

The CogAT nonverbal battery assesses a student’s reasoning abilities using spatial and figural content. As the questions do not require much reading, they are appropriate for gauging the development of those who struggle with reading, have limited English ability, or have limited opportunities.

Initially, your kid might find these nonverbal CogAT questions tricky and unfamiliar, as they aren’t taught in formal schooling days. But with practice, the skills will improve and he/she will be able to answer these questions with ease.

Nonverbal battery for 3rd graders consists of three sections – figure matrices, paper folding, and figure classification. Let’s dive into them in detail:

Figure matrices – The thought processes needed for the figure matrices are like those needed for the picture and number analogies sections. In this, your child must identify the relationships between spatial forms. The starting point is to identify clear points of connection between two previous images where the possible answer options need to be evaluated to mimic the previous two visuals your little one saw.

Paper folding – This section requires your 3rd grader to mentally imagine what will happen to a piece of paper as it undergoes a series of changes. In this specific case, the paper is folded, cut, or hole-punched in some way, and then unfolded.

Figure classification – The last section of Cogat nonverbal battery is figure classification. Here, your kid must conclude relationships between a series of shapes and figures, which requires the same thought process as picture classification. The objective is to find the answer choice that belongs to the group on top.

You can help your child get comfortable with this format by letting them practice these sample CogAT grade 3 nonverbal questions.

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Remember, preparing for the CogAT exam doesn’t have to be boring or stressful. So, have fun during the preparation. By practicing over 5500 CogAT sample questions from Gifted test prep, your loved one will feel confident and ready to show off his/her amazing cognitive abilities on test day.