CogAT® Nonverbal Sample Questions for Grade 2

CogAT Nonverbal Sample Questions for Grade 2

CogAT, or cognitive abilities test, is a standardized test used by many countries to assess children’s abilities to get into the gifted and talented program. CogAT sample questions assist to measure your child’s reasoning, problem-solving, and spatial and visual-motor skills. CogAT nonverbal questions are designed to assess a child’s ability to think abstractly and evaluate relationships among shapes and figures.

Clearing CogAT is difficult but not impossible. It can be easily cleared by consistent and an ample amount of practice time and the Gifted CogAT test prep app can help you do that. You get to practice a good number of questions from all three batteries – verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. We will talk about the app further in the blog.

Coming back to the nonverbal battery. The nonverbal battery is broken down into three sections: figure matrices, figure classification, and paper folding. Each section has a set of questions that are designed to measure a child’s ability to recognize relationships among shapes, recognize patterns, and identify similarities and differences in figures.

In the figure classification section, your child will be asked to identify the correct group of figures that share a common attribute or property. For instance, he/she might be asked to identify the group of figures that are all quadrilaterals or to identify the figure that best completes the analogy.

Another example might be when your child is asked to identify the missing part of a pattern or solve a picture puzzle. Gifted nonverbal questions are designed to test a student’s ability to think outside the box and to come up with creative solutions.

Another section of CogAT’s nonverbal battery is paper folding. This section tests your child’s ability to perceive visual information, identify similarities and differences, recognize patterns, and form mental images. It also checks the ability to draw inferences and make decisions based on the visual information presented. Lastly, it gauges your little one’s ability to think logically and use problem-solving skills.

Questions from the paper folding section help develop your child’s attention to detail and ability to recognize patterns and improve their concentration and focus. It will also aid him/her to become more creative and develop his/her ability to think abstractly.

Another type of nonverbal section for Grade 2 is the figure matrices. This section will ask your child to identify the missing pieces of a figure matrix and logically select the missing piece from the list of options. This section is created to measure your child’s ability to think abstractly and understand complex relationships.

The Gifted CogAT prep test app lends a helping hand to understand the exam pattern and the types of questions that your second grader will see on the test day. In this post, we have added 10 CogAT sample questions from the nonverbal section of grade 2.

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Cogat Nonverbal Sample Questions for Grade 2
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Cogat Nonverbal Sample Questions
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Free CogAT Test Questions for Figure Classification
Q. 10
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The Gifted CogAT prep test app has over 5500 questions from all three batteries – verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative. This will not only help your little one with practice but also aid to analyze his/her weakness and strength.

We would urge you to practice CogAT exam sample questions from all three batteries. Continuous practice of questions will help your dear ones to always stay one step ahead of their peers.

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